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Bluetooth Connectivity Question

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Hi Everybody,
I have a 2013 MY Volt without Nav/Bose speakers. I purchased the car new and I apologize if this question has been asked and answered. I was recently given a Samsung S5 smartphone and pared it to my car for bluetooth connectivity. 1st time I have tried a bluetooth connection on my car.
It linked seamlessly and I made several calls to try it while the car was stationary and it worked fine. However, while I was driving, the connection on the other end had a lot of static. I called several people at different times while driving, and they all said the same thing. While speaking to the other person, I could stop the car, and the connection would clear, as soon as I started moving, the connection regained the static (both electric and/or ICE mode). The connection on my end was crystal clear irregardless while stationary or moving. I looked on the forum for answers and the only thing I could find was someone referencing a bluetooth software upgrade "PIC5768" to the vehicle. There was a question from another member that he was told by the dealer, that this only applied to vehicles with NAV. My S5 has been upgraded to V6.0.1 Any thoughts out there.
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I believe that someone a few years ago having had a similar problem, found that the mic behind the headliner was loose. There is a way to pull down the cover to check the mic for looseness. It is supposed to snap into place. There is a Youtube video showing how to drop the cover and how to snap the mic in place. I'm sorry that I don't remember the title of the video. Maybe someone else can supply it.

EDIT: I found a video that shows how to drop the panel and how the mic is clipped to the panel. Start at about 1 minute to see how to drop the panel.
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