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Blue (Porcelain) Interior Photos 2019

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Not sure where this should be best posted, but in case anyone wants to see the blue interior (porcelain) option in "real" life, attached are a few photos.

For some reason, Chevy uses computer rendered images and colors in its car build tool so the render vs. real is always off a bit.

The blue interior is nice for a brighter feel. It typically looks gray-is in any light.
Personally, I think the former black/brown interior of 2018 was a bit better but that brown is no longer allowed in the optional choices.

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2011 Volt Anyone?

Not that I'm complaining, I liked the off-white seats in the 2011, which they only offered that model year with the otherwise black interior. Although, personally, I really loved the ceramic white (stormtrooper) accents in my now-sold 2013 -- that was different. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Center console Automotive design

In the 16-18 model year, I personally lean more towards the "brandy" seats with the black side bolsters--I think it was a bit sportier. However, I definitely like the '19 interior and would probably opt for it. Only reason for an "upgrade" now though is the power seat. Would have been nice if they boosted the range a bit like they did in other Volt model years. Any confirmation that you might be getting more usable kWh (beyond 14.2)? In the 1st gen, they would bump it up a little bit each model year without re-certifying the number so that some 15's were hitting almost 50 ev miles without blinking.


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