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Best Volt Deal In Colorado?

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I'm shopping for a lease on a Volt in Colorado, now that the new rebate takes effect for this state, what deals can be had?

I see several people quoting over a 10% discount on MSRP in California, but no dealers here will touch it. any reason why?

With the new $5000 rebate that dealers can now claim I'm still being quoted over $300 a month with $2000 down. Something isn't adding up. (I believe I heard its only $2500 on leases, but cant find specifics on that) Even so the offers I've been giving here are thousands of dollars more expensive then others I've seen.

Side thought, can I pickup a volt in California drive it back and take advantage of the Colorado EV rebate?
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I've bought two Volts ('15 & '17) from Bozarth Chevy-Buick in Grand Junction, and have been very happy with the pricing (and CO + Fed credits). I can't escape a pretty sizeable tax liability each year due to IRS mandatory distributions from my retirement accounts, so buying a new Volt every couple of years makes sense--after all the financial and tax credit smoke settled on the 15-17 trade up, my-out of pocket cost was basically the sales tax on the '17 purchase.

My salesman at Bozarth is David Davis, phone (970)*248-5511. Tell him, "Chris sent me!" I think that Bozarth also has two stores on the Front Range.
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