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Best Tools/Tips/Kits Suggestion - 2012 Chevy Volt Premier

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I was hoping to get some recommendations for some accessories for my new whip!

I am looking for recommendations if anyone has any, both items or places to get the best price for my following list of things I think I need/want:

1) Bed space liner - Checked AutoZone but want something to match the 2 tone white on black interior
2) Portable Jumper Unit - for starting the 12 volt battery without needing another car
3) Floor Mats - looking for something to match the 2 tone 'white-on-black' scheme inside the car (posted pic of interior as attachment)
4) Replacement Back-Up Camera - lets face it, this one is the only terrible part of the Volt!

Am also considering adding an amp and sub woofer. I am strictly Pioneer Audiophile, so that's playing into my choices.

If you have any suggestions on items and where to get them for the best service price or if there is just something anyone has realized is a great accessory for the Volt, please leave a comment!



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Don't know about two tone mats and trunk liner but Weathertech and Husky Liners both offer products for the Gen1 Volt.

A 12V jump starter is a good thing to carry in your Volt, especially on trips. You don't need a high capacity jump starter. One with 6000 - 8000 mAh should be fine (the Volt does not have a 12V starter motor, you only need enough power to boot up a the Volt's computer.) Check on Amazon; occasionally Woot will run a daily deal on these jump starter packs.
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