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I bought our 2018 Volt from the original owner in Calif. and was told the CARB warranty is good in WA. Not so?
What do WA laws say regarding warranty coverage? It’s often very difficult to obtain this information.

All cars sold in the US must meet Federal emission standards. In 1971, California obtained a waiver to set emission standards that are more protective than the federal standards. The states are allowed to adopt either set of rules, and a number of them have chosen to follow the California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.

CARB emission standards and CARB warranty requirements are separate issues. State laws aren’t required to meet both. Your state laws may say that California emissions standards must be followed without also requiring that California warranty standards must also apply.

For example, here in Oregon, a CARB state, the rules seem to say YES to the 10-year/150K mile extended warranty for the traction battery for PZEV-class vehicles, but NO to the 15-year/150K mile extended warranty coverage for the emissions controls.

Oregon DEQ Rule 340-257-0120, Warranty Requirements, says the manufacturer of my vehicle must provide a warranty that complies with the California requirements, except that the 15-year or 150,000-mile extended warranty for PZEVs is not included as a requirement of this [Oregon] rule... The provisions of this section do not amend the requirements... that indicate the warranty period for a zero emission energy storage device used for traction power will be 10 years or 150,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Regarding the rules in Washington state, Washington State Department of Licensing seems to say that Washington is a CARB state regarding emissions standards, but not regarding CARB warranty requirements:

"Required emission standards"
"Starting with 2009 models, new and used passenger cars, light duty trucks, and medium duty passenger vehicles must be certified to California emission standards..."
"Warranties for Zero Emissions Vehicles"
"Washington doesn't require automakers to offer additional extended warranties for sales of Zero Emissions Vehicles like California. However, the Department of Ecology encourages automakers to offer and honor those extended warranties voluntarily as a service to their customers."


As hellsop points out above, the GM warranty page for your Volt should list all warranties applicable to your Volt for which GM, the manufacturer, is responsible, including the New Car Limited Warranties that may or may not have expired by now, plus any extended warranty coverage for which GM is responsible.

Those PZEV-class Volt owners living in other CARB states should research their own state laws to determine if CARB battery or emission controls warranty coverage is also required in their state. If CARB warranty coverage is not found on their Volt Warranty page, it may be because their state law does not require it.
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