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BECM (battery energy control module) issues and inconvenience — class action?

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I'm not an attorney, but given the repeated stories and similarities in our experiences, I'd like to see what the pulse may be for some sort of class action.

I specifically shopped for a GM Certified car in Nov. 2021 because I believed the warranty would be important. Three months later, the BECM was diagnosed as bad. The warranty covers repairs, but I've been waiting more than a month with no ETA on a part. Some online suppliers seem to have the part in stock, but the dealer says they can't use a part that's purchased elsewhere. The warranty provides courtesy transportation, but the dealer claims there are no loaners. They won't return my calls. I complained to GM, and they said they would look into it, but I haven't heard anything back yet.

The 2018 warranty explicitly states: "A part not being available within 10 days or a repair not being completed within 30 days constitutes a significant inconvenience."

If anyone else who has not received adequate service when their battery energy control module failed would be interested in looking into a class action, please PM me or email me (zimmerdale at yahoo dot com) with your name, phone number and/or email, your state, year of your Volt, and a brief overview of your experience, I'll try to compile a summary for circulation to see whether anything can come of this.
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It also occurred to me to try and get a list together, as people were naturally offering up their situations. I'm curious if anyone has written you. Also, there's lots of BECM sufferers over at reddit r/volt.

I've reached out to as many contact points as I can at GM - wrote the former Program Manager for Volt/Bolt, who responded and forwarded my message along. The gist of the message is "I'm not trying to get you to solve my problem, but you should know that there are quite a few Volt owners who are very unhappy, and given that Volt/Bolt owners are the early adopter crowd you'll need to generate the future EV sales, it might be a fire you want to put out". I also sent similar messages to GM/Chevy's various social media contact points.

I don't know much about lawsuits, and I need to dig into my 2017's CPO warranty, but I would just like to see GM make at least some accommodation - establishing a rental reimbursement program, extending warranties to make up for the months of warranty wasted while cars are stuck at dealerships... something?

As I've mentioned in other threads, part of my frustration is that I don't really buy that GM can pawn this off on the supply chain crisis given that it was a known issue well before covid, and it's a critical part - not exactly rocket science to look at the failure rate and fleet size and take a guess at the needed supply. If they can build whole new factories lines and models, they can honor the basics of the warranties they sold and we paid for. Companies have to make choices with limited resources, and it's hard not to see this as GM choosing to prioritize new sales/future revenue instead of prioritizing existing customers. I don't know what their legal obligations are, but it certainly doesn't make me want to be at the whim of GM's priorities or resource management ever again. If what I've read is true, it's an LG made part, which might make things more complex.

I'm up to 68 days. I do miss the thing, regardless of my smoldering animosity towards GM.
Please this BECM issues is only applicable to 2017 Volts?
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