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BECM (battery energy control module) issues and inconvenience — class action?

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I'm not an attorney, but given the repeated stories and similarities in our experiences, I'd like to see what the pulse may be for some sort of class action.

I specifically shopped for a GM Certified car in Nov. 2021 because I believed the warranty would be important. Three months later, the BECM was diagnosed as bad. The warranty covers repairs, but I've been waiting more than a month with no ETA on a part. Some online suppliers seem to have the part in stock, but the dealer says they can't use a part that's purchased elsewhere. The warranty provides courtesy transportation, but the dealer claims there are no loaners. They won't return my calls. I complained to GM, and they said they would look into it, but I haven't heard anything back yet.

The 2018 warranty explicitly states: "A part not being available within 10 days or a repair not being completed within 30 days constitutes a significant inconvenience."

If anyone else who has not received adequate service when their battery energy control module failed would be interested in looking into a class action, please PM me or email me (zimmerdale at yahoo dot com) with your name, phone number and/or email, your state, year of your Volt, and a brief overview of your experience, I'll try to compile a summary for circulation to see whether anything can come of this.
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After more than 12 months ...
Can you remember what SOC of the main battery was at the time the dealer took the car and what was it upon you receiving the car? Did it degrade much?

I mean has the lack of charging for almost a year somehow affected the battery health?
Many owners say, that after BECM reprogramming the guessometer started to show less miles, so that's probably ok. You could estimate watching the numbers of kwh, used from a full charge to full discharge, and then kwh, used from the grid for a full charge.
Interesting thought, though I can't imagine what exactly could be damaged by low voltage inside the BECM. It receives 12V and makes 5V to feed the main CPU and optotrsistors.
Two guys I know tried to solder the optotransistor chip. Only one succeeded and it was 23284999 module. Another guy couldn't repair his 24283xxx module, though he tried resoldering all of them and even exchanging them. I tried soldering too but I don't know the result yet, as I can't reset P0AFA code.

The suggested soldering of one chip seems wrong to me either, because schematicaly it can cause only three of six U... errors, which seem to be common to everyone having BECM trouble.
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