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oof. I came here looking for info on the BECM. My check engine light came on a couple of times (we thought it might be b/c of cold weather so cleared it first time to see) - but other than that it seemed to be running fine. The dealer diagnosed the BECM needing replacement and as you all have said - no ETA on the part. he did say it was 2.5 mos. for another person - so I was hoping it would only be that at the most but now I'm getting worried. I'm also wondering if it's really the BECM because as I said - no other issues - but that's what the dealer said. I have a 2017 premier, bought used about 2 yrs ago and I did have something repaired a while back that was still under warrant - have to get my records as I'm blanking what that was at the moment. But other than that it's been a great car and I love it. Luckily we have alternate transportation and I work from home but still.....
1 - 1 of 123 Posts