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The Volt uses brand new technology and scale (Less than 12 years), the Volt's real world failures in the field were never in GM's plans, nor to make excess parts available to support such an eventuality. Especially because of the low number of Volts produced. GM is in a bind now and have to get a vendor to make these parts that are prematurely failing under warranty. This is expensive and time consuming, they can't just tell a parts manufacturer "we will be selling a lot of these cars in the future" to get a rock bottom quote. Gm has to weigh a lot of factors eg law suits vs costs, reputation damage on future sales, etc. It's easy to sit in a chair and criticize, but stand before the board of directors and tell them "I need 10 million dollars to fix this situation", guaranteeing that "this will be the end Chevy's liability" takes a lot of guts for anybody, doubt it's going to happen. It's not like they are buying tires for $2.00 a pop with a million piece order that fits many models, years etc.
I consider the Volt a flirtation with technology before it's time, accepting its flaws and benefits. The market, technology, demand, market saturation, profitability and other factors are mostly unpredictable for every car company, they all will have a lot to do just to stay in existence IMO


Recently got parts for 1970 Oldsmobile, 1998 Suburban, 2003 Hyundai Accent. It just seems to be a problem with newer cars.
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