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This car's design is fantastic. It has an aggressive, futuristic look and it's extremely well-proportioned. A wider stance than the Prius, looking more beefy, and more forward-moving with the menacing snout and downward-sloping body line from the rear taillights. Yet it's no boy racer, as it's also elegant and sophisticated in execution.

I'm a small business owner with a cutting-edge medical company and this car will be the perfect vehicle for the multitude of small runs I do every day. I rarely do more than 40 miles a day unless I'm visiting a vendor or client, and then I'll take my BMW, but this is ideal for the job. I also like the lower center of gravity design.

For me, time's at a premium: I need to be at my desk where I can be most productive. So even stopping for fuel is something I dread; it's a waste of time. I'm also conscious of my costs, and with this car financed through my business, I'm taking a good $250 off my monthly costs in fuel. That goes a long way toward the payment of the actual car.

I'm going to put up Sharp solar panels on my garage and make this a solar car. This car does affect my perception of the GM brand, too. When I'm in the market for a sports car in a few years, I'll have to hold out to see the next-generation Corvette, as it'll be lighter, greener, and more European in flavor. I originally thought I'd buy a Porsche, but I'm starting to doubt it. If GM builds an interior I want to be in, and GM's made enormous strides lately on interiors, then I imagine the Corvette will be my weekend toy.

A+ to GM. :)
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