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Battery supply issues also affecting Tesla products not named "Model 3"

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Pretty eye opening read about the battery storage biz, and how Tesla seems to be dropping the ball more often than not. At least Tesla is consistent with the way they do business across the board. :rolleyes:
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Interesting read, so Tesla has customers beating the door down for their products and can't meet demand for whatever reason. Dam, maybe they should go out of business.
This sounds like the story of IBM being stood up by Gary Kildall, the developer of CP/M when they tried to get him to develop a CP/M version for the new IBM-PC
It's a story. Bill Gates said it was because Kildall was flying but neglected to mention he was flying to deliver software to a customer. He thought the person who normally negotiated deals, his wife, would handle the IBM deal. She was advised by their attorney not to sign a non-disclosure. The same lawyer also advised not to sue after Kildall found that Gates had sold IBM a program which was clearly a rip off of Kildall's CP/M (the first 24 function calls were identical LOL). The moral of the story seems to be to have a good lawyer.
Gates bought Seattle Computer Products 16 bit OS called QDOS...and sold that to IBM...:)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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