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Battery supplers / Conversions

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Does anyone have any info on this subject? It appears to me that both a123 and Compact Power should both be able to sell out any batteries that they can produce regardless if GM purchases any from them. Is this right? Can you purchase A123 batteries now? If So at what price?

I am sooo ready for more people to start up companies converting old cars to all electric. There are a few. Just need/want the li-ion batteries to drop a little in price. Hopefully when my trucks engine starts giving me trouble I can just yank it out and put in an electric more. The put my own generator in the back to extend the range beyond what the batteries can provide when needed.

I am aware of are there many others?
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Ha... I need more than the battery!!! :) Wish these conversion shops would start popping up all over. Seems a waste to buy an entirely new car when your tires, ac, frame, etc etc etc all work fine.

My philosophy is take your existing car, toss the engine when gas gets too high or it craters and replace it with an electric motor. Hook it up to the existing drive train like lionev does and put in enough battery to get by. Expand the battery as I get excess funds. Range extender would be nice.
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