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Battery supplers / Conversions

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Does anyone have any info on this subject? It appears to me that both a123 and Compact Power should both be able to sell out any batteries that they can produce regardless if GM purchases any from them. Is this right? Can you purchase A123 batteries now? If So at what price?

I am sooo ready for more people to start up companies converting old cars to all electric. There are a few. Just need/want the li-ion batteries to drop a little in price. Hopefully when my trucks engine starts giving me trouble I can just yank it out and put in an electric more. The put my own generator in the back to extend the range beyond what the batteries can provide when needed.

I am aware of are there many others?
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I'm right there with you. I can almost feel a bubbling sensation from around the country. Grab a cheap car or truck, slap in some A123 batteries and...

I have been checking out YouTube videos lately (search electric car conversions) and they look so cool. They really just need those A123 batteries. You can also look on the web to see how people are buying DeWALT batteries, tearing them apart and making electric bikes or model airplanes. Great stuff. Unfortunately, still hard to get at the cells and they are very expensive. Who will start selling these new technology batteries at a good price first? I don't know but I have a blank check ready to be filled in.

I also thought about getting a Prius conversion done and then ripping out the battery and selling the Prius. Yeah, that's a hefty $10,000 for only 5 kWh but that also includes charger and control electronics. Just think for a moment getting a very light rail car frame or kit car and installing a nice AC motor and controller and hooking up that battery pack. Might not be practical yet but how fun would that be? Charge it up with your solar panels to really feel the freedom. Anyway, I expect to see some lithium-ion electric car clubs popping up this year. Just need the battery! :)
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