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Battery health 2014 Volt

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Hello, haven’t posted in years, as my Volt has been relatively trouble free over 70K miles. The Volt sat for almost two years of the COVID lockdown as I didn't need it for my commute. After we returned to work, my work location is a 2 mile drive. The battery never depletes.

From what I’m reading here it appears all Volt owners will face a day of mourning when the battery gets to EOL and battery replacements are either impractical or cost prohibitive.

My question to the group is that of all the Variables linked to battery health, has anyone uncovered a specific set of criteria other than cell voltage differences to indicate a battery entering its down hill slide? It would be great to know that sweet spot at which you should drive it to the dealer to trade. The retail values of these are still high.

I used my bidirectional scanner yesterday and this is the report. Perhaps I need to dig deeper to read the individual cells, but it appears that the software does it for you. Acceptable difference of .02V. Is there anything looking strange or do I have a very good condition battery for 9 years old?

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@wordptom I too have been monitoring with similar math. And even after my battery rebalance update I still have only lost as I calculate about about 5% to 8% (sometimes I see 9.8 up to 10.2 kwh used, before software updates 10.2kwh used) on my 2014 at now 120k miles of which I drove at least 85%+ by EV only and always plugged in and half usage drained fully and half recharged from about 8 miles left based on my daily activities. As it seems 2014s have been very reliable only having changed the hatch shocks by caution, one of the breather thingies in engine which escapes me and 1 time software update for the battery rebalancing and sensor recalibration software upgrades as well as 3 tire changes, 5 oil changes, 1 time 3 coolant loop changes, electric drive oil change, driver side washer changer for that licking noise and NO brake changes yet. Life is good and hopefully holds out until the Equinox and/or Blazer EVs arrive! Hurry up GM!
As I mentioned already for my 2014 with 120k miles of mostly 80+% EV miles and always plugged in still shows 10.2kwh usable of the 10.7kwh rated after the balance update noting before the rebalance update I was still getting about 10.5kwh. So in my mind that rate of degradation I am experiencing is good after nearly 10 years.
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