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Battery Cell Issues

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Has anyone had any battery cell issues on their Gen2 Volt?

My Volt is currently at the dealership having a battery cell replaced.

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Still continuing. Its been 3 1/2 weeks since the first issue and 3 weeks since parts were ordered and they were just received at the dealership yesterday. Now the mechanic needs to read up on the repair process. Yes, like both of you suggested the front Battery segment was shipped.

Its interesting to note that my dealership did not know what exactly was coming until it arrived. The process was combersome with no etas provided. A contact at GM Oshawa explained that GM elected to go through a single 3rd partly distributer to administer the batteries. It may work better in the US but getting it to Ontario Canada was a slow process including holdups at the border.

Its good there have been few battery issues. Getting close.

I do have to say that my 2016 Volt has been the "best car ever" for me. This experience has also shown just how great a vehicle the Volt is. So far I have had a Malibu, Cruze and Traverse as rental cars and while they all had good features I really miss my Volt.
I had my Gen 1 replaced as have a few others here. I don't think it is "cell failure was something like 2 problems per million" based on just the numbers on this forum let alone those that are not on the forum.

My repair took like 2.5 weeks as they needed to get the battery section and some equipment to install/test it. So far so good with it. Have < 1 year let on the 7 yr and 100K voltec warranty.
Add me to the list of owners with cell issues. Brand new 2018; just got it at the end of May.

In early June I started having issues with charging interruptions. The CEL would be on whenever I had an interruption, code P1E5D, and would clear after a successful charge. I was quick to blame something with the electrical in my garage over the new car so I was trying to figure out if it was the outlet or circuit.

A couple weeks ago the CEL was on even after a successful charge. Codes P1E5D and P1E00. OnStar said service within a day but I called my dealer and they said the codes were ones that commonly cleared on their own and weren't an immediate concern, so they set an appointment for today. Sure enough, the CEL was off by that afternoon and stayed off for a week. No issues driving or charging.

Last Sunday I got into my car, charge light green, fully charged, and by the time I got to the end of my street, the CEL was back on, EV range was 0 despite still showing a charge, and it cut over to engine. A/C would only blow warm air. Wouldn't charge. A few hours later I tried plugging it in again and after 2 minutes it started charging like nothing had happened. Charged fine, CEL back off on Monday, no issues all week.

Dealership is still waiting on a call back from GM Engineering on the full analysis but they said it looked like a short in one of the cells. I'm in a rental for the foreseeable future. I'm in an Impala Premier which isn't half bad but I want my Volt back.
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