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Battery Cell Issues

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Has anyone had any battery cell issues on their Gen2 Volt?

My Volt is currently at the dealership having a battery cell replaced.

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The moderators have since completely removed my post after they changed the title to something like "Dealer replaced my batteries for free". This forum is a joke.
If you act like this at dealer service departments I can see why you have issues. If the forum is such a joke, why do you keep posting here? No one is begging you to stay.

You have spammed the forum with this false claim that we removed your post. We did not. Make one more claim like that and you will be banned.
Sorry Verticalscope, the owner of the forum has removed my thread

No one, not me, not another moderator, not VerticalScope intentionally removed or deleted your thread. It's a technical issue when the data was transferred to the new hosting platform. It sucks, but was not intentional or desired.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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