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Battery Cell Issues

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Has anyone had any battery cell issues on their Gen2 Volt?

My Volt is currently at the dealership having a battery cell replaced.

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Yes, I had a cell failure on my 2017 which I reported here. One of the cells in a cell pair (#74 if I remember correctly) failed however the car continued to be drivable. Sometimes you could run it in EV mode, other times it would set a check engine light and default to IC operation. One section, the forward most of the three, was replaced several months ago. No problems since the replacement. I guess sometimes things don't work right or just plain quit when new.
Thinking about shipping problems with large format Li-Ion batteries reminded me of an I-MiEV that I once owned. When the dealer had a battery problem (not my car) the only way to get a part was the entire pack. That was shipped from Japan. How was it shipped you may ask? By placing the replacement pack in another I-Miev, shipping the entire car to the dealer, swapping the bad pack into the "shipping car" and returning it to Japan! True story. Talk about a long turn around time.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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