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Battery Cell Issues

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Has anyone had any battery cell issues on their Gen2 Volt?

My Volt is currently at the dealership having a battery cell replaced.

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I was told cell 59 showed a fault. I need to confirm more details when repair complete. I would guess that with the cells in pairs a pair is being replaced. I was surprised they were interchangeable at the dealership.

For the symptoms, I first noticed that after an overnight charge the range estimate only showed 56KM (normally 90-96KM). When I started the car and pulled it out of the garage the engine started and the range estimate showed 0KM. I restarted and it went back to electric power and the range estimate showed 92KM. Very soon it repeated with the engine starting.
Still continuing. Its been 3 1/2 weeks since the first issue and 3 weeks since parts were ordered and they were just received at the dealership yesterday. Now the mechanic needs to read up on the repair process. Yes, like both of you suggested the front Battery segment was shipped.

Its interesting to note that my dealership did not know what exactly was coming until it arrived. The process was combersome with no etas provided. A contact at GM Oshawa explained that GM elected to go through a single 3rd partly distributer to administer the batteries. It may work better in the US but getting it to Ontario Canada was a slow process including holdups at the border.

Its good there have been few battery issues. Getting close.

I do have to say that my 2016 Volt has been the "best car ever" for me. This experience has also shown just how great a vehicle the Volt is. So far I have had a Malibu, Cruze and Traverse as rental cars and while they all had good features I really miss my Volt.
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There is a long story on the different rentals but suffice it to say the Malibu was clunky and drove poorly, the Cruze was great but we had a flat tire and instead of fixing it they delivered the Traverse as it was a Friday and they were out of Cruzes. The Traverse is nice but I'm not used to stopping at the gas station so much. And here in Ontario our "cheap" gas is $1.07 a litre or about $4.15 a US gallon.
Back on the road 4 1/2 weeks later. It wasn't a fast process but I had the middle section of battery replaced. Most of the time was spent waiting for the part. GM Oshawa was great in providing information to me, and repair over site that gave me a higher comfort level. The dealer and tech was less thrilled about the over site.

If you want to really appreciate your Volt, stop driving it for a month.

1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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