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Back a second time with hopes to finally get a Volt

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I was last here about 3 years ago and I ended up only having a 5 mile commute to work and I decided to purchase another Wrangler instead. Well in a month my commute will increase to about 35 miles each way due to a transfer. Back then I was considering 2011?s, but I?m sure there are better options now and maybe some things have changed. I?ve tried to familiarize myself with the site again but I still have questions about what years and should be looking at and if searching for a premium model is with the hassle. There seems to be 8-10 bases for every 1 premium I find. As this will be my 3rd car I?m only looking to spend $15k maximum. I?ve found some 2014 base models with low miles. Can you give me a short rundown of anything that In the 3 years that I?ve been away and please make any recommendations. Thank you kindly. Glad to be back
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Wow!! Seems like I have missed a lot in the 3 years. Thank you so much for the VIN letter codes, I just started using them in my search. I?m finding mostly 2014?s in my price range, I did see some 2011?s at great prices, but with high miles. I?m hoping to score a certified one, but there are only 2 within 100 miles. At this point charging at isn?t possible unless I walk or bike 4 blocks. My job requires that I wear a suit, so neither option seems viable for me. I can spend my lunch hour charging. Does anyone think that would be beneficial? Are there any tips or tricks to charge when away from home. Thank you all so very much, I hope to report back that I?m a new proud Volt owner.
Thank you for the color suggestions, I plan to tint the windows to alleviate some of the heat. Do I really need a back up camera? Vision can?t be any worse than my Wrangler?s can it?
Great point, If my other two vehicles had any type of fue efficiency I wouldn?t need a volt. My wrangler unlimited is a toy, it?s lifted and has 35? inch tires, it will be my weekend car and I plan to own it forever. My wife drives a V10 Ford Excursion, again not a vehicle that I can commute in as is gets 11mpg on good days. She loves her Excursion as much as I love my jeep. That only leaves me with an option to buy a 3rd vehicle. My Jeep will be stored in the garage and will become strictly recreational. My wife will continue driving the Excursion and the Volt will become my daily driver. If I had a vehecle that was getting even 25mpg I wouldn?t be purchasing another vehicle. I?m currently on the high end of fuel consumption and adding a Volt to my fleet will help me even out a bit.
I?m still looking for one. I?ve found plenty of 2013s and some low mile 2012?s but I just can?t justify getting them when for just a little more I can get a 2014. I will be able to change at home over night, I will not be able to charge at work. I?m concerned about other threads stating that the seats are uncomfortable. Is this an issue with all of the seats in Gen 1? Is there any difference in leather vs fabric? I?m not only looking at Certified Volts but they have most of the options everyone has suggested. Thank you kindly for your help!
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