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Back a second time with hopes to finally get a Volt

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I was last here about 3 years ago and I ended up only having a 5 mile commute to work and I decided to purchase another Wrangler instead. Well in a month my commute will increase to about 35 miles each way due to a transfer. Back then I was considering 2011?s, but I?m sure there are better options now and maybe some things have changed. I?ve tried to familiarize myself with the site again but I still have questions about what years and should be looking at and if searching for a premium model is with the hassle. There seems to be 8-10 bases for every 1 premium I find. As this will be my 3rd car I?m only looking to spend $15k maximum. I?ve found some 2014 base models with low miles. Can you give me a short rundown of anything that In the 3 years that I?ve been away and please make any recommendations. Thank you kindly. Glad to be back
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I cant speak to cloth vs. leather as my old '13 had leather. They were comfortable--but if you need lumbar support you will need a workaround. Still don't understand why they didn't add at least a manual lumbar support.

The other thing that will be important with the manual seat is making sure you can get a comfortable position, though. No fine tuning, unfortunately. I find my Gen 2 leather seats more comfortable than Gen 1 but the position less comfortable. Just can't win.

In test drives, I found the cloth seats in the Gen 2 to be more comfortable than expected.
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