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I was very disappointed in the service at this dealer. They either didn't fix the problems, couldn't find them or just were lazy/incompetent.

Took the car in with an appointment on a Thursday morning. Didn't start working on the car until Saturday. Monday, it was then suppose to be ready by Wednesday, when they told me they are investigating the side mirrors lack of folding in, and that they were sure the mirrors didn't fold in but needed another day. After that additional day, they came back and said the mirrors don't fold, they sit static. Advising them I called GM and they assured me that they did, they were steadfast that the side mirrors did not fold. Took to another dealer who replaced both side mirrors and painted new top covers to match the car color (the mirrors don't come painted)...and guess what, they mirrors once again folded in.

Two window regulators were bad. One obvious, the other making groaning noises during operation. Fixed one window, and lubed the other, so then I had a easier time moving the window up and down about 2" by hand. Second dealer replaced the regulator.

Asked to rotate tires, rotated them, did not reset the TPMS, and broke and left cracked wheel nut. How they managed that, I'll never understand, let alone just leaving it there. Also massively over-torqued the wheels, by roughly 50 ft/lbs on average.

I eventually got a call from the Stasek service mgr, got nothing but lip service and excuses, except when it came to misdiagnosing the problematic side mirrors, that he owned, but offered no compensation for holding my car for 7 days or the laundry list of issues.

Not just for a Volt, but avoid Stasek service dept altogether. You'll be thankful that you did.
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