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There may be folks that are like me and projecting to make their Volt purchase but have not done it just yet. Here are a few credits I was informed we can get at this present time.

From chevrolet:

If you own a vehicule manufactured by GM and it's parent companies, you likely qualify between 500$ to 1000$ credits on your Volt purchase. In my case, I get a 1000$ for a 2005 Saturn Vue V6 AWD. The dealer rep told me that just about every car, except for the Corvette is compliant to the loyalty program.

Province of Quebec and Ontario border (close to Montreal), between January 17th to 26th, the international auto show will be held. Stop by the Chevy Booth, fill a form and you get an applicable 500$ credit.

For more info on the auto show:

All other provinces, I would expect Chevy to do the same for your own shows.

-Gvt of Quebec

The Qc government revised their position for the EV program. Right now, the credit is to the extend of 3961$ but wait for a few weeks if you can; It is revised to 7864$, as per the "old" program. It will be soon adopted by the chamber. Some dealers have been proactive for their customers and put on their demo fleets a fair amount of Volts right before the credit were cut, so you likely can still get it anyway and have a new car.

For more info (french):
for more info (english):

If you are purchasing a charger for your home (240V), you are intitled to a credit up to 800$.
For more info (french):
For more info (english):

For all the other provinces, here is a link for government incentives:

I hope this helps someone.

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