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Autonomous Bolt EV

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I was walking around Scottsdale AZ last Thursday and saw an autonomous Bolt driving around with 4 Chevy nerds add passengers. First bolt I've ever seen and an autonomous one no less.
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I'm excited about this for the simple fact that it means, at a minimum, we'll hopefully get auto-adjusting cruise control. Unless that's already in the Bolt and I've simply missed that section of the manual...
The Bolt's EV Chief Engineer Josh Tavel outright said they didn't want to do ACC because it would require blended brakes...Both Josh and GM marketing are championing the one pedal driving experience...

That seems awfully optimistic to me. I suspect it will be trialed for some time with ride share services before it becomes available to the general public. And despite the apparently good performance shown in that video it's still a huge question how well existing autonomous systems can cope with nighttime, rain, snow, etc.
Completely agree...
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