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Hi all,
Im working building a module that will tie into the car so that when the battery is fully charged, it simulates the charge cord being unplugged. This causes the charge station to stop billing you and lists it as available for another user (the units where I work turn on a lamp on top). Im building this because where I work, we have 2 spaces per charger, one to charge and the other to que. When the first car is done, owner 1 puts cord into car 2 and moves car 1, or owner 2 takes cord from car 1 and plugs it into car 2. We have a mix of many different electrics, volt, tesla, miev, leaf, ford enrgi, prius prime, etc and its hard to know what all the different combinations mean for a full charge. Stickers and charts have been tried. Its far simpler to look at the top of the charger to see if the ready light is on.

My other reason is that if I leave my Volt plugged over night, my dash cam will not switch from normal record everything mode to parking lot mode where it only records a motion event along with 10 sec before and after. The camera sees the blinking green light and thinks there is motion, only at night though.

So my question to the forum is, would you guys be interested in such a device if it had factory plugs on it and simply plugged in? I am thinking it would be a small box that would hide under the dash somewhere. If no one is interested, I wont make it a modular and incorporate it into an existing factory module.

Im also working on a revision to WOTs defeat plug. More on that in another post.
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