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New tidbits I haven't seen anywhere else:
- if you come to a stop using regen and then (god forbid) get rear-ended, the friction brakes will automatically activate
- if your home is at the top of some hill (or high elevation), and you typically travel downhill the first part of your drive, the Bolt's nav system (what NAV?! Google Maps/Apple Maps, or an actual in-car NAV??) can figure this out, and prevent the Bolt from charging to 100% overnight, leaving a buffer for regen.

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(what NAV?! Google Maps/Apple Maps, or an actual in-car NAV??)
Nice. The Bolt definitely has location awareness and GPS, even if they didn't implement traditional navigation functionality. That's still odd to me, but with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, I guess it becomes less and less relevant to have an in-dash full functionality nav.

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They disagree on the CUV label, but CUV was a label made up by the car industry anyway. It's always been a marketing term not measurement.

"no other EV is as cleverly packaged or as easy to use."

"Telling the friendly police officer that you didn't realize what 266 pound-feet of torque and 200 horsepower were capable of in a small hatchback won't get you out of a ticket, so consider this our invitation to you to be careful during any test drive."

"The rear lights are integrated into the hatch, which means the rear opening is larger than it might otherwise be."

"The Bolt is also surprisingly roomy. It's not quite a Tardis, but the interior does feel bigger than it should."

"All the seats are comfortable, and there's plenty of head room."

"for the near future, the Bolt EV stands to change the way people think about electric cars."
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