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11913.jpg Hi all,
Really big Thank you to John - the Volt tech at my dealer GWS for updating the software modules to fix my intermittent DTC's POD3E
as fixed in the USA on service bulletin PIC-5803-B

"(This controller update is a part of a coordinated Vehicle Software Configuration Management update that affects multiple controllers including:)

K57 - Battery Charger Control Module
K16 - Battery Energy Control Module
K114B - Hybrid Powertrain Control Module2
K9 - Body Control Module
K20 - Engine Control Module
T6 - Power Inverter Module
A11 - Radio Programming for Navigation
K33 - HVAC Control Module

Please see Bulletin 11137 "

I'm so happy this was able to be done, as it can get annoying on the rare occasion on delayed charge with my SPX / Bosch EL-506000 Express charger interface to have the check engine light and charging stop, so this fix should clear it.

Interesting there were two other very minor bug bears the Radio with Nav cutting out when too many POI's were selected and in winter some strange behaviour on occasion of the climate control system.
So will see the improvements next Winter I suspect. (Were in Spring locally now & heading to summer & my Volt is loving it and rewarding me with greater EV range again)

There was also two other items for rectification were not needed on mine:

-Park brake software = not need as mine had the latest,
strange as mine was one of 1st batch consumer cars I've never had an issue with it, yet other Australian 2013 have had the old park software and hence the service park brake message.

- Rear centre console rattle (Mine doesn't rattle), John will find out what it's all about as there were not enough details about that, but it doesn't worry me ;-) on mine.

So the lesson is the local importers Holden Volt Tech advise to my local Volt customer service advisor was incorrect, as there was an update from the GM US and on L2 we use the same 240VAC (just different frequencies)
Thanks HTH WOT and others who advised!

My Volt has ~5,600Km, just over 9 months old still have the original tank of petrol supplied with car.

My Volt is still performing exceptionally, brilliant ride / handling, smooth power train and acceleration that surprises passengers every time.

The Volt is my "favourite" car and suits me and my needs fantastically.

Still gives me an EV smile every time I silently accelerate on a smooth road or drive most the way with one pedal in "L" :cool:

The Volt is truly the best happiness money can buy in transport!:p

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That's good to know that Volt owner's (even if they are upside down) are getting GM's undivided attention.


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my holden service doesn't want to / seem to know about that update, so my volt still intermittently trips RCDs when using non-GM EVSEs.
perhaps I should ship my volt over to your side of Aus to get it fixed.
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