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Ausra opens 700 MW solar factory

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Welcome to Ausra Las Vegas
The World’s Highest Capacity Solar Thermal Power Factory

The advanced production systems in this
facility can manufacture more than 700 megawatts (MW) of electricity generation equipment

"This is a crossover point for this industry," said Fishman. "Ausra's factory is accelerating Nevada's and America's solar future by tripling worldwide manufacturing capacity, relieving the supply constraint that has slowed the industry, and continuing to drive down costs. By a 94 percent majority, the American public wants solar power development to help address rising prices for traditional energy sources. We're ready to respond now with a clean, reliable and cost-competitive energy choice that will be an economic development machine for the country. Here in Southern Nevada alone, developers are planning over $50 billion of future solar power plants."

“At peak production the plant will churn out more than 700 megawatts’ worth of equipment year to keep 1,400 solar power plant construction workers employed. “We can produce a lot faster than what we can install,” says McKay.”

YouTube video of Ausra technology:

Video of robot welding and automated factory:

Company website:
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For those clicking on the video wanting to see the robot welders assembling the solar collector frames please wait for it to download. It can take several minutes before it starts. The sound is a bit screwed up but it will give you an idea of the scale of this operation. They are going to be pumping these systems out like crazy.

Once you have all of the manufacturing systems working and the robot programs written and debugged they can then move to replicate the factories. Folks, this is very difficult work. Please be patient. However, once they are rolling they are hard to stop. You can just run these automated systems 24 hours a day and they never get tired, bored, and the quality remains constant.

Within a few years you will also begin to see automated factories for lithium-ion batteries, solar power grid-tie inverters, plug-in hybrid drivetrains, and other associated products used in the renewable and sustainable electrification of our lives. The costs will come down and we can do this. The only question is how long it will take and how much pain will we tolerate before getting to work.
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