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audio quality - bluetooth vs cord

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I'm still considering getting a used gen1 volt and saving a ton of money instead of getting a tesla model 3.

I was shocked to learn that teslas don't let you play audio through USB from your phone, only via bluetooth, since bluetooth audio quality isn't as good as USB quality.

Can gen 1 volts play audio from your phone via a plugged in USB cord, or is it only via bluetooth? And has anyone tested to see if you can hear the difference in sound quality?
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Yes, you can play music via USB.

But this thread sums up nicely why I have and would never do it that way:
(Controlling your device through the Volt's controls is just way too clunky.)

I've personally never noticed any degraded audio quality via Bluetooth. But I'm not huge audiophile either.

Gen 1 Bluetooth do NOT support stereo streaming, mono voice calls only.
That's not true for 2013 and later models which have "MyLink" stereos. I think some late-2012's might have MyLink as well, but I'm not certain.
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