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audio quality - bluetooth vs cord

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I'm still considering getting a used gen1 volt and saving a ton of money instead of getting a tesla model 3.

I was shocked to learn that teslas don't let you play audio through USB from your phone, only via bluetooth, since bluetooth audio quality isn't as good as USB quality.

Can gen 1 volts play audio from your phone via a plugged in USB cord, or is it only via bluetooth? And has anyone tested to see if you can hear the difference in sound quality?
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In a car environment, it is doubtful you can truly tell the difference between USB/AUX and Bluetooth. I have done A/B tests in the Volt and couldn't tell the difference myself using the BTC450 bluetooth on Amazon.

Gen 1 can play audio directly from any iOS device via USB. Anything else you will need to use AUX port. Gen 1 Bluetooth do NOT support stereo streaming, mono voice calls only.
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