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Audi in 2009 with better specs than Volt.

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How is this possible?

The Metroproject Quattro's hybrid powertrain consists of a 1.4-liter TFSI gasoline direct-injection engine rated at 150 horsepower and driving the front wheels, teamed with a 41-hp electric motor in the rear. An S-tronic dual-clutch gearbox is mated to the drivetrain.

The lithium-ion battery pack has plug-in capability, providing a driving range of 62 miles in pure electric mode. Fuel economy is further enhanced through regenerative braking and an engine stop/start system.

Audi claims 0-60 miles per hour acceleration in less than 7.8 seconds and a top speed of 124 mph. On premium fuel, the car returns fuel economy of 48 miles per gallon.

Americans wouldn't love this car? Hello? Anybody home?

The A1 is expected to reach European dealerships in mid-2009.
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The article goes on to state that the vehicle would probably be available in the US by 2010.
It actually says that this car is NOT going to be available in the US. Darn, 'cause I want one!

The quotes regarding US availability are about the next gen A4 and Q5models.

Edit: BTW, if you want to contact him and tell him how mad he is for thinking that such cars aren't wanted in the US, here is his email address: [email protected]
I just sent him the following email:

"Dear Mr. Stadler,

I just read an article that mentions you thinking American's are not willing to buy into vehicles like the Audi A1.

Can I respectfully say that I think you are mostly wrong.

The Toyota Corolla was the best selling vehicle in the US for June. There is a minimum 12 month waiting list at most dealerships for a new Toyota Prius. Sales are increasing across the board for vehicles in compact to intermediate sizes.

What I will agree on is that American consumers are fickle animals, and a drop in fuel costs to a comfortable level could easily drive them back to larger vehicles. I will also agree that the American consumer would, in general, rather have a four door saloon over a two door coupe, which is where the A1 would seem to fall down. However, I urge you to reconsider your position, or at least consider the technology going into the A1 for other vehicles in the Audi range.

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