Audi had big plans to reveal the e-tron electric SUV in Brussels at swanky summit for the brand. Then events conspired to make that reveal… less than ideal.

So instead they’ll be unveiling the car in San Francisco on September 17th. There, Audi will also be opening up its reservation book to customers.

Taken a page out of Tesla’s book, potential customers will be able to reserve their spot in line for the low, low price $1,000.

Part of what Audi eye-rollingly calls a “digital ecosystem” developed to help owners “confidently go electric,” Audi will be taking the reservations at its website. Reservers will be able to track their order with their local dealer, but that’s all the detail we know for now (Audi promises more information on September 17).

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“We’re introducing a premium, customer-centric vehicle in a premium, customer-centric way,” said Scott Keogh, president of Audi of America. “With our owners and our dealers, this process allows us to offer transparency from reservation and build all the way through delivery.”

We’ve now pretty much seen the whole e-tron (remember, this is the second reveal date), but we will at least see the sheet metal without dazzle camouflage.

Under the hood (as it were) the e-tron will be funneling power to all four wheels through a pair of electric motors that are good for an expected output of about 430 hp and a range of 250 miles.

Prices for people curious about putting down their grand, are expected to be in the neighborhood of around $90,000.