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ATA Issues First-Ever Autonomous Truck Policy Guidelines

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The American Trucking Association is leading the charge for autonomous trucks in the United States. This week the ATA published policies that it hopes will help nurture the automated vehicle technologies that “have the potential to dramatically impact nearly all aspects of the trucking industry.”

Titled “Automated Truck Policy,” the document lays out a list of the ATA’s proposed policies for itself, the trucking industry as a whole, and both state and federal governments.

“ATA continues its commitment to safety as a top priority for the trucking industry,” states the document, and indeed Safety is the very first policy category addressed. The document primarily concerns itself however with regulations surrounding autonomous driving technologies.

The ATA for example states that “Federal and State laws and regulations should neither require, nor limit differing levels of automation.”

They also argue against allowing states to create their own regulations, saying that “The regulation of performance and technical specifications of automated and connected truck technology should be solely the responsibility of the Federal government.”

You can view the ATA’s full Automated Truck Policy document at the following website... Docs/Ne...ed Automated Truck Policy_24OCT2017_final.pdf
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