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But with lower fuel prices and your Masha 3 already being fairly efficient, the math will never work out in your favor where trading in for a new volt will pay for itself. You have to just want it and feel resigned to pay for it.
The exception I take to this statement is it assumes you'll keep your current car forever, and if that is normally your plan, then that's fine and this is true.

But if you buy a new car every 3-8 years, a Volt will be less expensive to own and operate than any non-plugin car you may choose. No car pays for itself, but the Volt can come close.

The cost to charge is, on average, approximately US$1.40 per US gallon equivalent when you calculate the cost of the electricity and how far it takes you. Oil changes are only once every two years. Brake replacements are rarely needed thanks to regenerative braking. And so on. Add in the instant torque and silent electric drive and it all makes for a very compelling case.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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