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From my description you can see that I'm from Kitchener, Ontario.

Currently I drive about 450 - 500kms per week. Right now my 2017 Volt costs me about $30 (Spring - Summer - Fall) to $40 (winter) in electricity costs (monthly). And about $5 a month (Spring - Summer - Fall) and $20 a month (Winter) in gas. So on average of ~$10 per week to run.

If I run the main electric heater hard in the winter I can see ranges as low as 60kms. If I leave the heater off and just use the heated steering wheel and seats for comfort I can see 80Kms range in the winter.

In the summer I typically see a minimum of 95kms range to as high as my record of 124Kms on a charge.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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