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Another Canadian Volt owner here... and I came from a SKYACTIV Mazda3 as well... I'm in the GTA and have a 110km round trip commute for work. SO basically was in your exact situation a few months ago.

I can plug in at work using the portable charge cord into a 110V outlet, and I haven't installed a proper charging station at home yet, so still charge with the portable cord there as well.

In the warmer months when I first got the Volt I was making it all the way to work and back no problem, with a few kms left over at the end of the day. Since the real cold stuff hit I have seen the mileage degradation that others have already mentioned. I DO use the heater (on ECO mode) because a few extra kms aren't worth freezing my butt off. I generally make it all the way to work, and a minimum of 3/4 (usually a bit further than that) of the way home on pure electric, and then us a little gas. I've put just over 12000 kms on it since October and I'm averaging lifetime mileage of 1.5L/100km, with mostly commuting, but a few longer weekend trips as well, where I used more fuel. It's also still showing 75% oil life remaining... where as I used to need oil changes every 8k in the Mazda. This saves not only money, but time. Same with the brakes -- I anticipate them lasting WAY longer than any previous vehicle with how little I use them.

It is also way more comfortable and quieter (because electric, but also just better sealed and way less wind/road noise) than my Mazda was. It's also faster. Pre-heating while plugged in is the BEST when it's super freezing out. My only real complaint is that I have several dash/panel rattles that I haven't managed to sort out yet.

The only thing I truly miss from my Mazda is the clutch pedal (this is my first non-manual) but the tradeoffs are worth it.

Also I got the full 11500 rebate on my LT, straight from the dealer. I don't regret the upgrade at all.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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