[ad#post_ad]Recently GM announced that it would not be putting the 7-seat Orlando crossover into US production, out of fear it would cannabalize sales of other Chevrolet products.  Since the Orlando uses the same compact delta platform as the Volt, the loss of the car suggested a multiperson electric car with range extender was no longer on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the Buick brand has been experiencing a renaissance at GM.  The popular Enclave SUV and LaCrosse sedan have been garnering prasie, sales, and profits.  Through this month LaCrosse sales have increased 214 percent, and the already well selling Enclave was up 30 percent.

GM plans to move fast and aggressively putting several other Buicks into the market.  In addition to the new Regal which has just hit dealer showrooms, Buick executives told the Detroit News they also plan to introduce a small sedan, and a small crossover, "in the near future." More specifically John Schwegman, Buick's U.S. marketing vice president, said that by 2013 the Regal would be the oldest car in the Buick line-up.

"We're growing fast, but we don't want to grow too fast," he said. "And we still have a lot of work to do."

Since the Chevrolet brand will have the Volt, and since 2012 will bring high volume Voltec and battery production, it seems very likely Buick will offer an elecrified car, perhaps, the elusive severn seat crossover.

I asked Buick Product Marketing Director Roger McCormack about this. The following was his reply:

We are as excited as our colleagues at Chevrolet and the visitors to your fine site about the potential and promise of PHEV's. For competitive reasons that I know you understand, I'm not at liberty to divulge specific
information as it relates to future powertrain plans. At Buick we are committed to delivering vehicles, technologies and propulsion systems targeted to a progressive and modern consumer. PHEV's certainly fit that description and could come into play at some point in the future.

Source ( Detroit News )