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I bought a used 2015 a couple months ago. I was following the original backup camera mod guide here (How-To-Add-A-Backup-Camera-To-Your-OEM-Radio-W-Pictures), when I ran into the issue that if your radio has myLink, it can't be modified by SPS. Two methods are given to those of us with myLink: give the radio a VIN that matches your configuration, but has the camera enabled, or send the radio in for programming to WAMS for $200.
It's mentioned that changing the VIN would cause your radio to lock to any updates that are made available, but I'd like to know if any such updates exist. I know that the myLink system was completely changed for the 2016+ MY, and when I connected my car to SPS, it didn't show any updates for my system. I know that theftlock is pretty nasty (I used to work for a reman company, so we had to break through the VIN locks so that radios could be resold by GM...they have a...strange relationship with their vendors to say the least).
I saw the myLink Unlock project on sourceforge as well, that claims to update myLink from 2012-2014 MY.
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