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ApplePlay and Bluetooth connected but no sound

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I have had a 2017 Gen 2 Volt for about 3 months now and the Bluetooth and ApplePlay were working well. All of a sudden, I can see the Bluetooth is connected to my phone, the infotainment system shows which song is playing and the time it's left on the song.. all seems to be working, except I can't hear the music anymore! I can hear Google Maps' directions but I can't hear any of the music from my phone.

I've checked the volume, turn on/off the sound system, and reconnected the Bluetooth, but nothing is working...

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Ok, I've got a fix for you. This will reset your system as a hard reset. It's a little irritating, but it works every time. You'll need either a crescent wrench or box wrench that fits the nut for your negative battery terminal. Follow these directions:
  1. shut down your vehicle
  2. disconnect your negative power cable
  3. let it sit for 2-3 minutes
  4. reattach your negative cable to the battery and tighten the lug
  5. start your vehicle
  6. check your radio volume
  7. reconnect your phone
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