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ApplePlay and Bluetooth connected but no sound

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I have had a 2017 Gen 2 Volt for about 3 months now and the Bluetooth and ApplePlay were working well. All of a sudden, I can see the Bluetooth is connected to my phone, the infotainment system shows which song is playing and the time it's left on the song.. all seems to be working, except I can't hear the music anymore! I can hear Google Maps' directions but I can't hear any of the music from my phone.

I've checked the volume, turn on/off the sound system, and reconnected the Bluetooth, but nothing is working...

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I have this happen probably once a month, and its drives me nuts. It either says its playing and there is no sound, or it connects/disconnects constantly from CarPlay, and won't play anything. I'm still using an old iPhone 5, but everything is updated. I've narrowed it down to it only happens to me when I jump in the car, immediately plug in my phone, throw it in gear, and head down the road. If I wait 30 seconds or so until I am driving down the road to plug my phone in, it prevents it (at least so far). I'm guessing it has to do with the initialization of the infotainment system/backup camera/plugging the phone it all at once and something gets wonky. At least thats my best guess from the times its happened to me. When it does happen, the only fix I have found is to pull over, shut the car off, turn it back on, and reconnect.

I'm glad it doesn't happen often. I really like the CarPlay interface, but its a real PITA when its not working correctly.
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Interesting fix.....thanks for sharing. I will definitely give it a shot. Since my earlier posts above, we have had it happen with 2 iPhone 6s and an iPhone 7+ as well. I have been getting by with not plugging my phone in until I am 2-3 blocks from the house. That works probably 85% of the time. If I plug it in while in the driveway or within the first block, it almost always does it. It would be nice to be able to fix it without having to pull over and cycle the main power.

On a side Volt went in for state inspection and 3 open recalls last night. I ended up with a new Impala LT as a loaner. I couldn't care less about it other than the Carplay works so much better than it does in my Volt. The screen looks better and things are running much swiping/loading screens. Even some of the screens visually look different. For instance, within the podcast app, there are virtual buttons visible around the 15sec skip icons. On my Volt, it has the same icons, but no button. It sounds dumb, but I assumed all of that was within the software on the phone. Apparently it is not. When I speak with the dealer today, I'm going to make a comment about it and ask if there are any software updates available for the infotainment system. I know there was the Android Auto update that I never bothered with, but I'm interested to see what they say.
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