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Anyone using “Recurrent” website service AI for used EV insights

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Just found AI company called Recurrent that seems to be a mixed bag for an EV owner. If you signup that track your EVs battery performance and when you go to trade in, It claims to use AI TO prove the health of youR EV battery as it will influence the value of your vehicle.

I certainly would use there service to learn about the Volts long term reliability and use it to verify a vehicle I wanted to purchase. I doubt I would allow them to track my VIN

interested on thoughts of anyone who has signed up.

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I quickly read this "SPONSORED POST" article and I still don't understand where they get the data from for the report. You must manually enter it.

In a Volt's case, they'd have to evaluate total mileage by both ICE miles or "EV" battery only driven miles.

It seems like a way for EV owners to give them data for their business "collection" purposes which they use to generate reports.

Aside: From my Tesla Model X, I have a $50/yr membership to TeslaFI that is connected to car (essentially same API as phone uses). It gives me an idea of my battery relative to other similar models (29 per below currently) with similar mileage.

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