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Anyone using “Recurrent” website service AI for used EV insights

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Just found AI company called Recurrent that seems to be a mixed bag for an EV owner. If you signup that track your EVs battery performance and when you go to trade in, It claims to use AI TO prove the health of youR EV battery as it will influence the value of your vehicle.

I certainly would use there service to learn about the Volts long term reliability and use it to verify a vehicle I wanted to purchase. I doubt I would allow them to track my VIN

interested on thoughts of anyone who has signed up.

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Previously I would always plug the car in when I get home, no matter how much of the battery capacity was used. I know that Volt tries to optimize battery usage, so that the same cells are not used all the time. But Recurrent's recommendation is to keep the battery between 30 and 80%. So unless I have a longer trip planned, I no longer plug in unless the battery is less than 50%. I know this is mostly relevant for full EVs, but since my daily drive is usually under 15 miles, I figured the logic applies to Volt as well.
It does, but the Volt's already taken care of it. It is already engineered to enforce about a 20%-85%, and hide that fact. The battery graph's "0-100%" represents only that middle range in use. Plugging the Volt in also allows the car to keep the battery warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and can supplement the cabin preconditioning with wall power, saving more of the battery power for actual driving instead of heating the battery and the cabin with electricity you might more want to use for actually going somewhere.
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