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Hi, all -

I am looking at buying a 2013-15 Volt. I am one of those few people who orients my seat straight up and sits up straight. For people who do this, the new head restraints push our heads forward so we are looking at the gas pedal, and are extremely uncomfortable.

I would love to get a VOLT!!

But if I get this car, I will NEED to resolve the head restraint.

In my current Accord and if I got a Prius, I could simply pull out and reverse the restraints. This would leave me resting my head against the restraint in normal use.

I have found videos showing how to pull out the Volt restraints.

What I don't yet know: Can you reverse them when you replace them? If you do this, does this leave you with a functional yet comfortable restraint for those of us who sit up straight?

Thanks in advance for your help on this.
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