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I got the new buy power card back in 2014 when I leased my Volt.
It allows me to accrue 2% rewards towards future GM purchases.
Well we have accrued $4252 in GM bucks, but we need something a little bigger this go around. So we are going to get the new Pacifica Hybrid (4 kids). I'm offering these for $3100. It is pretty standard practice on the corvette forums, and some other forums to offer these at 75 cents on the dollar. Since I'm an actual member here, I thought I would offer them here.
With the buy power card, there is no redemption limit, and no car restriction. These are not bonus points or any special program, just real, actual earnings. This will work in combination with the $1000 GM pop up offer that appears periodically. I used GM points along with the pop up offer on my lease back in 2014, though that was under the old style GM card that did have redemption restrictions.
If you were planning on putting at least $3100 down on your next GM purchase, this is a great way to turn that in to $4252. That is a net $1152 additional savings.
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