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Anyone have windshield reflection problems with Brandy interior?

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I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on a year-end new Volt purchase. I like the looks of the two-tone Brandy, but it seems awfully bright yellow compared to the darker brown/toast two-tone interior on my wife's Malibu. Has anyone with the Brandy two-tone had a problem with it reflecting in the windshield on a bright, sun-shiny day?
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I have a 2017 Volt Premier with the Brandy and Black interior and find the reflections from the brandy colored dash to be very distracting. I solved this by first buying some inexpensive polarized Foster Grant drug store sunglasses. The polarized sunglasses eliminated 90% of all windshield reflections but did not address the problem during dusk and evening driving. I researched different dashboard mats and decided to purchase a DashMat in Sedona Suede fabric (black) from an eBay seller. The DashMat I purchased was specifically designed for the 2016 and 2017 Chevrolet Volt dashboard and includes cut outs for the window defroster / defogger vents, side vents, daylight sensor, charging indicator and collision avoidance warning lights. The DashMat fits well and came with velcro to attach the DashMat to the dashboard. I have found that the DashMat lays flat and can be held in place by tucking in the edge closest to the windshield using a plastic spatula, never felt the need to use the included velcro strips. The black Sedona Suede fabric completely eliminates any dashboard reflections from the windshield, the only remaining reflection I sometimes see in the windshield is from the black plastic windshield defroster / defogger vents. This is my first dashboard protector purchase, I appreciate the benefit of protecting the dashboard from the long term exposure to the sun's rays. The cost of the DashMat was very reasonable and the order / delivery time was less than 2 weeks.
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Yes I sometimes notice the windshield defogger / defrost vents reflected in the windshield because the DashMat has two cutouts to accommodate these vents up against the windshield and does nothing to eliminate this particular reflection. The DashMat does a great job of reducing other dashboard reflections. The black plastic dashboard material is the same color as the vents and any reflection from this dark material is not intrusive at least not to me. The Brandy colored dash board material is light colored and this causes a very intrusive reflection from the windshield. The DashMat completely covers the area of the dash board from the lower edge of the windshield to just below the upper side window vents. In the center of the dashboard the DashMat ends just behind the Infotainment screen. I leave my EzPass laying up there, behind the infotainment screen and the edge of the DashMat lays over the EzPass keeping the EzPass in place.
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The DashMat does cover the dash-mounted speaker grills without any cutouts for the speakers. The manufacturer states that the DashMat fabric is acoustically transparent and does not affect the sound coming from the speakers. I have never had an issue with the sound I hear from any of the Volt speakers, with or without the DashMat in place, but you may be capable of hearing nuances in the sound that I can't.
Good luck with your 2017. For daytime use don't overlook the benefit of wearing polarized sunglasses. These eliminate almost all reflections from the windshield, even the defrost / defogger vent reflection.
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