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Anyone have windshield reflection problems with Brandy interior?

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I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on a year-end new Volt purchase. I like the looks of the two-tone Brandy, but it seems awfully bright yellow compared to the darker brown/toast two-tone interior on my wife's Malibu. Has anyone with the Brandy two-tone had a problem with it reflecting in the windshield on a bright, sun-shiny day?
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I shopped for my Volt in the summer so plenty of test drives in premier trim with brandy interior. For me, it was definitely noticeable and like Barry said, wearing sunglasses did reduce the annoyance since it muted the bright brandy reflection, but I still saw the air vents. My current black interior still has visible air vents, but there's nothing you can do about them.

As for polarized glasses, I have cheap sunglasses which I'm not sure are polarized or not. I think they are because when I look out the side windows (passenger and driver for both front and rear rows) I see vertical waves all across the windows. When others were wearing their sunglasses, they didn't see what I saw.
Do you still notice the reflections of the vents in your windshield with the dash mat? I'm also curious about getting one for sound dampening. Any noticeable difference in interior plastic rattle with the dash mat installed?
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