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anyone ever run Sparkie out of juice?

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The Spark EV may be my next car, my only car. I am just curious if anyone has run it out of juice. What did you do? My work is only 18 miles from where I live. I have level 2 charging at home and I live in a city with a lot of charging points, so I am not really worried about it, but at the same time I am concerned just a bit. My second questions is, do you have or keep a spare level 2 charger? I currently have a Volt and the lease is up soon and the warranty on the level 2 charger is up soon too. Thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Yes, I have run it out of energy on purpose for testing ... the only real thing you can do is either find a nearby plug or get a tow. Unless of course, AAA (or someone else) has one of these in your area:
If there is a local EV charging truck available, might be worth checking whether it has the SAE fast charge plug on it.

I wouldn't worry too much about a backup 220V EVSE - if for some reason you had an issue with the one you own, you could likely get by with a 110V wall plug charger until it gets fixed. If you wanted you could even "simulate" this scenario for a week by using only your 110V to see if you could get by. Of course make sure that your 110V circuitry is capable of safely handling such a load before plugging in. One useful resource can be found here:
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