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anyone ever run Sparkie out of juice?

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The Spark EV may be my next car, my only car. I am just curious if anyone has run it out of juice. What did you do? My work is only 18 miles from where I live. I have level 2 charging at home and I live in a city with a lot of charging points, so I am not really worried about it, but at the same time I am concerned just a bit. My second questions is, do you have or keep a spare level 2 charger? I currently have a Volt and the lease is up soon and the warranty on the level 2 charger is up soon too. Thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated, thanks!
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If you can charge while at work, I would not worry about your level 2 evse until it actually fails. Even without workplace charging, if another public charging station is available, I still would wait till failure occurs. If your evse is a Clipper Creek, very little to worry about. Hope you enjoy the Spark.
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