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Anyone doing a volt builder? Need parts and advice. COPART wrecks x2

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I picked up a 2013 base model over a year ago at swapalease for $189 a month and fell in love with it. I have decided to help my teen boys upgrade their old Honda civics and bought a 2014 hit on the side with 8000 miles and a 2013 hit in front with 32k miles. Average price for the 2 was $4200 looks like about $1800 each to fix to a "close enough" level. Both are light hits with the major issue being deployed airbags, both are completely dark, no life. My first step was to buy some air bags on eBay for $150 each, my next venture is to invest $300 in service manuals. Any other braves souls going down this path? My wife thinks I am nuts...
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Yes, you are nuts, but so are most of us. This reminds me of when I bought an old blazer as a parts truck for my son's S10. The blazer had an engine in the back from a junk yard (supposedly good), it's existing engine in the front, and we had the S10 engine to boot. So we started taking apart the engine in the back only to discover that the tie rod had broken loose and went to town on the cyllendar wall. My son then proceeded to take the S10 engine apart. By the end of the summer, he didn't get far enough on the project and took my Supra back to college with him, drove it for 2 more years, and after year 3 my wife forced me to have all the vehicles towed away for scrap.
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