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Anyone doing a volt builder? Need parts and advice. COPART wrecks x2

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I picked up a 2013 base model over a year ago at swapalease for $189 a month and fell in love with it. I have decided to help my teen boys upgrade their old Honda civics and bought a 2014 hit on the side with 8000 miles and a 2013 hit in front with 32k miles. Average price for the 2 was $4200 looks like about $1800 each to fix to a "close enough" level. Both are light hits with the major issue being deployed airbags, both are completely dark, no life. My first step was to buy some air bags on eBay for $150 each, my next venture is to invest $300 in service manuals. Any other braves souls going down this path? My wife thinks I am nuts...
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Happy wife, happy life... I decided to build a house to satisfy my mid-life challenge. The key was to get the wife involved. I no longer look forward to solving big problems, and, in fact, I have managed to avoid any for a very long time. I think that you have committed yourself to some major efforts in attempting to restore those Volts to legal running order. It is certainly a good thought and a nice one to introduce your sons to the EV world. Assuming that you are successful in the reconstruction, the Volts will have to be transported to a Dealership to get them running. They have the electronic test equipment that is used to "re-awaken" the electronics and make them play together. It can't be done under the shade of the old apple tree any longer, at least not with the Volt. Last thought, pay careful attention to the cooling systems for the electronics. It would serve you well to read the many posts in the forums.
Good advice, I will do just that. I should mention I own a classic car wrecking yard and auto parts store so disassembling and finding parts comes natural to me. Electronics not so much. Neither car had the cooling system or electrical components bumped but I assumed I would be headed to the dlr once they were repaired. The 2013 has a small tear in the bumper cover cracked headlight and 6" small dent in the hood. The 2014 needs ps fender door, tie rod and strut. Going to hold out for a perfect white door and fender, A pillar is pushed in enough that the glove box will not shut.
The pearl 2013 was easy to massage back in place and a $80 bra masks the cosmetic damage after replacing the headlight. Bummer is COPART lost both fobs and it has no charger. The windshield will be the most expensive single item to replace. The 2014 white car has a nasty hit at the lower front PS door hinge, hoping the local body shop will be able to get it back in place on their frame machine. Do not know exactly how many miles this one has but it was only in service for 7 months, barely has any brake dust on the calipers and the tires look to have under 10K miles on them.

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Yes, you can have my working headlight for free, only the lens cover is broken. Ups shipping would be under $20
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When you look at the 20 or so Volt wrecks at listed each week many have dark screens but mine was lit up for pics prior to the auction but when I picked it up it was dark. I assume some of the lot guys know a go around trick... No big deal to get it to the dlr and move it around locked up, I own a wrecking yard. Should I buy 2 used fobs and a DS lock off ebay and have the dlr reprogram? Still unhappy that copart lost BOTH fobs...
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I reread your original post. Were either/both cars totaled by the insurance companies?

Another thought: I believe that the Volt has a main contactor that opens to isolate the traction battery when the airbags inflate I could be wrong on that. Also, because the Volt is designed to maximize regeneration when braking, the calipers are applied toward the end of the stopping, unless you jam on the pedal requiring the pads to help decelerate the car rapidly. That is why there is hardly any brake dust. The rotors are FNC treated to prevent rusting.

The treatment will wear off after many, many miles.
OK, that explains why the rotors looks so clean, as we all know you can park a car for a few days in the rain and start to see rust appear on the rotors on most cars. Still, the inside of the wheels, door jambs and under side of the car look like they have only seen rain a few times which leads me to believe it has under 10K miles. I will find out soon enough!
Has anyone ever lost both fobs and gone this way? Seems way too cheap! This route seems to be under $100 whereas the dlr I have heard is much more.
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