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Anyone buy a Volt full price without any incentives?

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Just wondering if anyone bought a Volt that did not live in an area that had incentives/rebates? I live in Alberta, Canada and was thinking about buying one but without any of these incentives they are a bit expensive and heard that the depreciation is a killer.
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I paid almost full price for our first one other than a mild dealer discount, but if you mean Government incentives I got the federal US $7500 tax credit. I don't think I would have bought without it. On our second one I got that plus a similar dealer discount plus 20% off MSRP from Chevy. That was a heck of a deal. You may want to wait until a little bit further into the summer to see if there's any such similar from GM. Last year at least here in the United States, they offered it at the beginning of July....

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